Defining the Problem. Recommending the Solution. Minimise costs. Maximise productivity.

A fundamental change in the way oil and gas companies deliver their operations is taking place. At Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services we provide new frameworks, new analysis and new thinking to help our clients succeed regardless of market conditions reducing costs while maintaining operational efficiency. We do this by focusing on people, processes and performance – applying a systematic approach to planning and learning. Our primary tool is knowledge, so we work with people who recognise that the function of the organisation is to put knowledge to work - on processes, people, tools, products, value chains and even on knowledge itself. We follow the complete cycle of identification, implementation and review of business & performance improvement opportunities.

Business Performance Audit & Risk Management: Implementing robust continuous improvement measures does not have to be expensive, time consuming or complicated.

With our comprehensive business improvement tool, we can offer an independent audit of client business performance. In this context, we understand risk management to be the identification of the hazards and management of the attendant risks arising from business processes. Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services seeks to promote the understanding and management of those risks through the adoption of systematic processes, which in turn helps drive our customer’s performance.

Lesson Learnt & Best Practices: With a growing emphasis on efficiency in project delivery throughout the oil and gas industry, effectively capturing valuable lessons from previous projects, assigning actions to project teams; identifying and mitigating project risks are invaluable, for engineers and senior management alike.

We offer industry standard methodology and tools to capture, disseminate and implement lessons learnt from customer’s projects.

We help our clients to address the industry challenges by capturing industry best practices, obtaining insight on state-of-the-art and maturity levels of technologies, identifying key partners for collaboration, understanding the competitive landscape and scouting effective technologies and processes that can be transferred from other industry markets.  

Decision & Value Analysis: Wrong or sub-optimal decisions can have huge impact on the current and future opportunities of a company.  Now more than ever, it is prudent to exercise due diligence in making decisions from the trivial to the crucial.

When the values are clear, the decisions are easy. We help clients focus on what is important to their business. We ensure they have the appropriate support and processes in place, to enable them to make cost effective decisions. This is particularly relevant to companies who are just entering a new area and do not yet have all the resources they need to fulfil their obligations.

We are able to effectively perform decision analysis; problem framing, risk and opportunity identification; cost and schedule risk; operational readiness auditing; meeting & workshop Facilitation.

OPEX Reduction: Reducing operational costs is a key driver for many companies. We integrate key elements from the oil and gas industry in order to achieve the most cost effective results, whilst maintaining optimum performance. We start by working with the systems, processes and tools that are already in place in customer organisation to help make them more effective, whilst plugging any gaps.

We focus on what actually needs to be done to add value and implement real and lasting changes. We go beyond the fad of "improvement opportunities" and "challenges" to pinpoint the unrecognized problems that lie beneath the surface and identify real cost reduction opportunities. We have the experience and network to deliver this scope of value to customers.

Benchmarking & De-bottlenecking: We work together with client to benchmark current performance and pinpoint improvement opportunities. We have the competencies and capabilities to organize effective drilling and completion on paper workshops which are critical planning events in well operations. Bringing together a multi-discipline team, these provide the opportunity to test the plan before it moves from the design table to the rotary table. We examine the well delivery process and related activities to identify bottlenecks in the various systems and interfaces.

Operational Readiness: As assets change hands a tried and tested method for assessing asset readiness is something we have begun to specialize in delivering. We provide stakeholders with: independent, timely assurance of the suitability, sufficiency and thoroughness of the operational handover process; highlight short, medium and long term risks to the newly acquired operations; and make recommendations to better manage the operational risks.

Document Authorship: We offer a comprehensive document authorship service ranging from Well Engineering and HSSE Management documents to more technically complex procedures and guidelines. Resources available for this service comprise technical experts, technical authors and other support personnel. 

We also have access to external expertise and knowledge, via our extensive network of industry consultants. We can offer a full review of existing customer documentation, with a view to enhancing or streamlining systems that are already in place.