Do you have any gap in cost control and contract compliance? Let us manage the details. Cost and schedule are defining parameters of any project or investment and yet over-budget and behind schedule projects are still the scourges of our industry. Uncertainty exists at all phases of the project cycle but our tried and tested approach gives projects AFEs and schedules the necessary strength tests to see where these defining parameters are at risk of being breached. We can identify gaps in cost control and contract compliance and put in place a framework or structure to breach the gaps and improve the system. We have capability to apply this type of work on projects from conceptual design right through to project delivery.

Cost Monitoring, Analysis and Improvement: We have in-house experience to arrange and facilitate desktop cost and schedule analysis workshop using up-to-date tools. We can develop and maintain cost databases, develop cost estimating processes, perform budget reviews & challenges, with cost monitoring and analysis of plan versus actual.

Cost Risk Management: We also offer comprehensive cost risk management. Risk based budgets reduce the chance of unwelcome surprises during the project. It also provides an auditable decision-making process and informs project team on areas of likely schedule over-run and allows focused mitigation planning.