Our belief is that all accidents are avoidable and all companies have a duty of care to their people and the environment. At Alpharetta OGS we focus on the full HSE spectrum and we are able to help clients reduce risks and increase safety performances. Our goal is to provide clients with robust and sensible safety cultures which evolve along with the organisation’s work practices.

The HSEQ unit covers: Accident Hazard Management, Risk and Process Safety, Occupational Health & Safety Management and the building of Capacity & Competence. We review risks, produce plans, organise resources, and provide training and exercises to ensure solid functional & fit for purpose safety arrangements in client’s organisation. We also provide the necessary consultancy and safety equipment to enable on site staff responds immediately & appropriately to an incident.

Risk Management: Risk is inherent in any process or activity and has to be managed as one of the first priorities in any project. We help customers to understand and manage risk in order to avoid undesired effects on safety, security, productivity or reputation. Our methods cover the total risk picture, including understanding complex interactions between technological, individual and organisational factors. We design or create barriers so that the risk faced at any given time can be handled by preventing an undesirable incident from occurring or by limiting the consequences should such an incident occur.  

We cover areas such as: Hazard Effect Management Process (HEMP), vulnerability assessment, accident prevention and consequence reduction, contingency planning and emergency preparedness, drop object surveys and so on. We have extensive experience in the planning, execution and implementation of quantitative risk analysis (QRA) techniques as a risk management tool.

Safety Audits: Audit is a powerful tool to monitor and follow up on the status of factors influencing risks. Alpharetta OGS have extensive experience with developing and performing safety audits, focusing on technical, operational and organisational aspects and the interactions between them.

We can also perform audits towards compliance to government regulations and industry standards. We can conduct independent audits in your company or supply your internal audit teams with our third party perspective. Our teams of advisers consist of experts with diverse professional backgrounds and can perform audits within a wide range of fields, from verification of technical safety systems to performance of safety critical tasks and safety culture.

Culture of Care: Fundamentally in any safety system, safety represents an output that is primarily driven by the quality of care input into that system. We helps organisation makes a difference by creating and promoting a culture of care. We use our unique skills and abilities to help organisations demonstrate a more caring approach and improve HSE performance even in the most challenging of environments. We do this by supporting our clients to deliver a meaningful evolution of safety culture and behaviours by working with the systems, processes and tools that are already in place and to help make them more effective, whilst plugging any gaps.

 We focus on what actually needs to be done to add value and implement real and lasting changes. Real safety starts with people and this is why we offer a comprehensive behaviour-based safety programme. A dysfunctional safety culture has been an important cause behind several large scale accidents. Our multidisciplinary team helps our customers assess, understand and develop their safety culture in order to reduce risk exposure and achieve operational excellence. This makes safety culture an ideal vehicle to improve general organisational performance.


Accident Investigation: Incidents and accidents will always contain a wealth of learning possibilities and being able to learn from them is vital in order to improve safety. To tap into such possibilities, investigations have to be carried out in accordance with best practices regarding process and content. Systematic accident investigation and Root Cause Analysis are means to achieve this. We have the experience to help customers to understand the complex interactions involved in accidents and incidents, making sure that the learning points are identified and put into use.

Organisational learning is the main objective of accident investigations.  We can lead investigations or take part in investigations led by others. We also offer courses and training in investigation methods. In order to identify means that can prevent accidents or near-misses from happening again, one must understand both why the accidents took place and why it turned out as it did.

Safe Journey Management: Our services in this category cover: In Vehicle Monitoring Systems; Home-to-Home Journey Management; Fleet Management; Driver Improvement & Vehicle Tracking; Personnel Tracking; and Training.

Technical Safety: The ability to manage or mitigate undesirable events is probably the single most important factor in achieving business success within our sector and the assessment of safety and risk factors is the first priority during any project. We support major technical projects in the evaluation of safety related issues whether regulatory, technical, operational or strategic.