Defining the Problem. Recommending the Solution. Minimize costs. Maximize productivity.

A fundamental change in the way oil and gas companies deliver their operations is taking place. At Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services we provide new frameworks, new analysis and new thinking to help our clients succeed regardless of market conditions reducing costs while maintaining operational efficiency. We do this by focusing on people, processes and performance – applying a systematic approach to planning and learning. Our primary tool is knowledge, so we work with people who recognize that the function of the organisation is to put knowledge to work - on processes, people, tools, products, value chains and even on knowledge itself. We follow the complete cycle of identification, implementation and review of business & performance improvement opportunities. Our services covers:

[1] Business Performance Audit & Risk Management (Technical & Non-Technical [2] Lessons Learnt & Best Practices [3] DWOP / CWOP / WIOP & After Action Review [4] Benchmarking & Debottlenecking [5] Operational Readiness, Decision & Value Analysis [6] Project Cost Monitoring, Analysis & Improvement [7] Technical & Performance Audits