At Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services, we focus on creating value through smart logistics & supply chain engagements. Our key services under this umbrella includes: contract compliance audits; contract strategy and planning; contract risk assessments; developing supply chain policies and procedures; contract negotiations and redrafting; prequalification and tender processes; contract drafting and award; outsourced post-contract management; outsourced procurement services; SCM training and commercial awareness sessions.

Logistics Support: We provide efficient integrated logistics services to the oil and gas exploration and production industry. We deliver cost-effective and innovative logistics solutions that meet the highest standards of safety to man and the environment. We focus on integrating each and every part of the logistical supply chain.

We have the know-how and experience to arrange everything from cargo inspections to transportation to decommissioning. Our Integrated Logistics help make the difference to customer’s business.

Supply Chain Efficiency: The efficiency of an organisation supply chain can be an extremely complex area. With our competent team, we perform Supply Chain Management Health-Check on the organisation Procurement & Supply Chain Management arrangements.

The outcome of the Health-Check is a detailed report on the people, practices, policies, processes and systems, along with feedback from other stakeholders within the business, follow by recommendations on potential areas for improvement and growth.


Supply Chain Modelling: What are the expected performance and possible weak links of your supply chain? The expensive way to find out is by trial and error. Modelling and simulation offers a much cheaper way.

So why supply chain modelling? Supply chains are found in many different industries and comprise the complete process of project delivery. They contain various steps such as production, processing, storage, transportation and retailing. Many of these steps are typically evaluated as stand-alone systems.

Attempting to optimize only one segment may result in a costly improvement which has no effect, since the bottleneck is somewhere else in the supply chain. Furthermore, when various segments are analysed as stand-alone systems, they are mathematically treated as independent from each other and one may end up with the wrong calculations, double counting some effects, missing other effects, having different bases for assumptions and inconsistent data sets.

Generally, there are dependencies between different segments in a supply chain. Rather than analysing each segment and combining the results, we offer to model the complete supply chain and include all segments and inter-relations. This gives a much better foundation for accurate results.

With our experience, knowledge and available tools, we are able to combine all relevant aspects such as logistics, reliability, process flow, resource management and so on in one simulation model. In that way, we can optimise the complete supply chain by identifying bottlenecks and evaluating the effect of different design solutions and key parameters.

Contract Management & Audits: We offer contract management services which minimise customers’ administrative obligations allowing them to focus solely on operational duties.

We offer focused contract audits to identify where there might be opportunities to create value. Value can take many forms, ranging from policy and process improvements, contracting strategy, interface management and reorganisation.

Anti-Bribery and Corruption legislation compliance: We can advise can on the relatively simple steps that can be taken to increase compliance to the anti-bribery and corruption legislation, following a review of the systems, policies, procedures and processes currently in place in customers’ organisations.