Buying major equipment or embarking on major projects requires a good understanding of the risks. Technical due diligence is a key risk management tool to help identify the limitations and opportunities around a major equipment purchase or project before making an informed decision.

The technical due diligence provides insight into the costs and risks involved in the major equipment purchase or project. What, for example, can you expect in terms of maintenance, and have all the regulations been met?

We will provide an independent, third party assessment aimed at highlighting any potential risks and threats that may involve a project and allowing for the calculation and planning of future costs for the management, maintenance and repair both of an asset or a project. Our services covers:

[1] Technical Due Diligence for Equipment Procurement [2] Technical Audits & Inspections [3] Technical Process Assurance [4] Pre-Mob Inspections & Certifications [5] Solutions & Process Alternatives / Benchmarking