Drilling remains the biggest source of expenditure in our industry. Therefore drilling oil and gas wells asks for careful planning with a high level of expertise.  That expertise is what Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services has to offer you, adding value to your well projects. From small, independent or marginal operators to major oil companies & regulatory bodies, we have the capability to provide our clients with fully integrated Well Engineering solutions, bespoke to every project. Our primary focus is to maximise the value delivered to our customers by consistently providing top-quality solutions which are fully aligned to the overall project objectives.

Well & Asset Integrity Management: Recent events in the global oil and gas industry have highlighted the importance of a robust well integrity management system from construction to abandonment.

We have the capability to design, review or operate a thorough and effective well and asset integrity management programme for our clients. An effective well integrity programme optimizes production and equipment reliability, mitigate environmental risk and reduce the frequency of unplanned incidents.  The ability to understand and react to the levels of performance of drilling assets is essential when managing risk and profitability. We offer the assurance that systems and equipment remain ‘fit for purpose’ as key enablers to stay in control of the drilling environment. 

Design & Operational Support: We have access to a significant network of oil & gas professionals.  In this service option, an in-house resident engineer will supply the necessary engineering support required for the day to day business. He or she will be the interface between you as a client and the specialists for a specific job. The resident engineer will be supported by our back-office to enlarge the engineering service provided.

Maintaining a good producing well is one of the main priorities of our clients.  Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services can expertly advice and manage the well intervention services for its clients where required. We also offers consultancy and personnel services to support our client’s specific requirements including well site supervision of drilling, completion, well services, abandonments, subsea, work-over and abandonment operations.

Well Delivery Process: We deliver tailored solutions across the entire well life cycle - from initial planning through to end-of-life abandonment. Independently examining your well integrity, and thereby enhancing your business and reputation. 

We provide a full suite of analysis, review, design, planning and programming tools for a wide range of well design tasks and our services as supported by verified quality assurance systems.

Rig Inspection, Acceptance & Testing: We provides rig audit and inspection services that will deliver significant cost, time and safety benefits.

Working alongside the client’s team, we will define and tailor the precise scope of service that meets our client’s specific needs - either at the rig fabrication yard or 'in service' at the rig location. 

Our scope of services on inspection covers: Rig Selection Survey, Rig Condition Survey, Rig Acceptance / Endurance Survey, Dropped Object Survey, ICSIS - Integrated Control Systems Inspection Services, Health, Safety and Environmental surveys, Risk Management (analysis evaluation), and Training (inspection criteria of equipment, rig and equipment maintenance, HAZOP, industrial hazard analysis).

We give you the assurance the rig is fit for purpose and comply with identified standards and pre-set contractual agreements. We also assess the potential likelihood of future downtime resulting from equipment or systems failures.

Well Examination: We can provides an independent assessment to verify that wells are being designed, constructed, operated, suspended and abandoned in accordance with Oil and Gas industry standards & relevant regulations.

Well examination applies to the life-cycle of every well, from its initial design through to well construction, into the production operations phase and finally to well decommissioning and abandonment.

The examination is targeted at the pressure boundary of the well, to ensure that this is adequate for the intended well's purpose. It includes an examination of all pressure containment equipment and other barriers, to ensure that the design is robust and fit for purpose.

Well examination encompasses the well's Basis of Design including casing design, kick tolerance and the design of well control equipment. Examination of the well programme ensures that all of the risks have been evaluated, and that the control measures are adequate.