Performance Improvement & Technical Due Diligence

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Alpharetta - Performance Improvement

About the service

A fundamental change in the way oil and gas companies deliver their operations is taking place. In today’s turbulent and highly competitive business environments, only the fittest survives. Therefore, it cannot be business as usual! Without a conscious effort to improve the efficiency of your business – using recognised principles and techniques – you may jeopardise the very existence of that business. Any organisation must seek to constantly improve its operations if it is to remain competitive and achieve its strategic goals.

This is where Alpharetta Performance Improvement Services comes in to enhance your sustained economic success and business growth. We can offer unique solutions that help to achieve the objectives of our clients to deliver strong performance along any dimension of the business such as operational costs and production.

New Frameworks, New Thinking

At Alpharetta Oil & Gas Services we provide new frameworks, new analysis and new thinking to help our clients succeed regardless of market conditions reducing costs while maintaining operational efficiency. We do this by focusing on people, processes and performance by applying a systematic approach to planning and learning. Our primary tool is knowledge, so we work with people who recognize that the function of the organisation is to put knowledge to work – on processes, people, tools, products, value chains and even on knowledge itself. We follow the complete cycle of identification, implementation and review of business & performance improvement opportunities. Our services cover:

Technical Due Diligence

Buying major equipment or embarking on major projects requires a good understanding of the risks. Technical due diligence is a key risk management tool to help identify the limitations and opportunities around a major equipment purchase or project before making an informed decision.

The technical due diligence provides insight into the costs and risks involved in the major equipment purchase or project. What, for example, can you expect in terms of maintenance, and have all the regulations been met?

We will provide an independent, third party assessment aimed at highlighting any potential risks and threats that may involve a project and allowing for the calculation and planning of future costs for the management, maintenance and repair both of an asset or a project. Our services cover: